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PostSubject: READ THEM WELL!!!   Sat Apr 26, 2008 9:45 pm

Board Rules:

Rude Behavior
Trolling: NO trolling (Creating blatantly stupid topics that will cause a flame war, blatantly posting stupid comments and posting to annoy/offend other members, replies that are only aimed at someone with the exact opposite mind frame while contributing nothing to the topic, continuing to be rude after warned)

Flaming: NO flaming (Blatant insults to other users for no reason, childish immature attitude/behavior towards others, unnecessary heated arguing, etc...)

NOTE: General razzing and BSing is ok, but don't take it too far and don't get serious or I will get serious real quick!

Taking it too far includes:
Persisting with flaming/trolling type acts (Insulting comments) after being warned
Even if you are joking, do not over do it. joking around is fine, but don't be overly rude while doing it!

IF you flame or troll first and others flame you after you start it all, they will not be taken action upon.... Whoever starts it is at fault and will be taken action upon..... Can't fault people for defending themselves or other or the forum itself and their points after someone starts flaming/trolling on them....

Arguing with an admin or mod over their duties will NOT be tolerated around here.... Doing so will earn you an automatic 24 hour ban....

Board Content
Appropriate Topic Posting: Please post topics in the appropriate section (No non DB topics in the DB boards, but rather post them on the Anime & Manga board, no posting alt. hentai in the normal hentai forums, etc...)

Off Topic: It is ok to go off topic on any given board/topic, it happens and cannot be helped, BUT don't stay off topic for pages and pages.... Say a few things and get back on topic please. General Discussion board is for talking about ANYTHING, so if you get off topic on one topic and wish to continue talking about that subject, make a topic for it in General Discussion. Going off topic in ANY topic in General Discussion is ok, any other specific forums topic is not ok.

SPOILER warnings: They are NOT mandatory around here, it is up to the person whether or not they want to list a spoiler alert.... So if anything is spoiled for anyone, just bite your tongue and deal with it, no complaining. No reason to start flame wars over spoilers.....

Rants: Sometimes members here like to make "rants" about various subjects in our world that erks them. There is plenty of stupid things, and behaviors in this world that annoys us, and it is fine to rant about it here..... However, if you par take in this practice, be sure to not express your rants in ways that would insult members of this forum. There is a fine line between what is allowed here and what is not. Basically, if what you are ranting about expresses flames/trolling of any members here, it is best to not even make a topic about it.


Offensive, mod worthy topic/expression: "People who use Myspace are gay"

Acceptable, non offensive topic/expression: "I hate Myspace! It sucks!"

Different between the two is the offensive one is well... offensive to people.... To suggest only gay people use Myspace is offensive to both straight and homosexual people. The acceptable topic however expresses that you hate Myspace, but you do not insult people who use it, who very well may be members of this forum.

Of course, there are times when it is ok to say people who par take in certain activities and behaviors that are blatantly dangerous and/or illegal and/or immoral and/or plain stupid is ok....

Acceptable: Mother beating her baby/child, illegal street racers, People who do things just to hurt other people, elitist jerks, etc...

Unnacceptable: People who like South Park are retarded, People that use Youtube are idiots, I hate people who like Naruto, etc...

The differece is again the fact that no one is going to defend a mother beating her kids, illegal street racers who put peoples lives in danger, etc... These types of subjects are known to revolve around true idiots that cannot be proven otherwise.... Where as the unnacceptable subject matters would be attacking people who really arent doing things that are harmful to anyone or anything. They just simply like something that is virtually harmless that you dont like.... See the difference?

Anything deemed unnacceptable or untolerable will be seen as trolling, or seen as potential flaming.... Tis not hard to figure out which is right and which is wrong....

Also, This is not the local whore house. There are to be no pictures/videos/whatever of any kind of adult material. this is the one rule I will not give warnings for. Obey it or be perma-banned. Women in bikinis and such are just fine. But nothing more than that.

Reporting to a mod
If there's a post that is questionable, PM a link to said post and the user who made said post to a mod that is online.

If no mod is online, then send it to any mod of your choosing that way they can be aware of the situation as soon as they log in.

Banning and alts.
There are no rules set in stone about how many warnings a mod must give before banning. If the offense is deemed bad enough they may ban immediately without giving a warning if they want to. I have my ways as an admin and my specific mods have their own ways of judging things. We are ALL fair however…..

Bans are usually ALWAYS temporary unless it is apparent that that member will always continue to break the rules of this place. Usually we will start off with a 3-5 day banning, then the next offense may be the same amount of time or longer even….. Continuous bannings will eventually resort to a permanent AKA Perma Ban…

Once you have been temporarily banned on this forum, if you use or create an alt. to try and get around the banning, the alt. will be completely deleted off the forums database and your original account will have more time added to it's initial ban time. So creating alts is really not a good thing to do.

Creating alt accounts is not allowed for ANY reason..... Any alt. accounts spotted will be deleted completely from the forums database. If you create an alt. account for the purposes of flamming, your alt. account will be completely deleted and your original account will be temporarily banned.

Posting media content
If posting links to TV shows, movies, anime episodes, etc... Post ONLY Streaming sites. Direct Download sites will be deleted and shut down immediately as to prevent this forum from being shut down....

That's pretty much it. I was going to run a tight ship but I decided not to after all. Have fun.


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