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 My Mugen Stages

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PostSubject: My Mugen Stages   Thu Apr 30, 2009 2:21 am

Castlevania 3 Prayer Stage (The Intro to The First Level)

Notes: It's a really short stage. So, It's gonna have some issues. Such as explosions glitching and sticking around the bottom of the screen, Past the point where the stage ends.

Castlevania 3 Stage 1

Re-Note: I've included the Prayer stage into the stage, Because I thought I would fit in and look cool. Razz And now the top echo glitch is gone. The camera WILL NOT move up (Just like with Dai-Gurren's Deck)

Castlevania 3 Cemetary

Re-Re-Note: Glitched fix'd here too. Camera doesn't go up at all. (Just like Dai-Gurren's Deck.)

Dai-Gurren's Deck

Notes: Adjusted the camera so that it doesn't go up at all. So, Expect to have problems with aerial combat.

Junk Food in Front of Microwave Stage

Notes: This stage is MUCH bigger than the previous stages. There are two more like this one, So aerial combat should be a go. (After some-one verifies that I have the bound-hi set at the right number.)

PlayTime Slolam Handheld

Notes: Same as Junk Food stage, This stage is huge.

Rockstar's Bed (Guest Starring: Tinkerbell.)

Notes: This stage is also huge.

Splatterhouse 3 Hallways

Notes: If a projectile or a character that acts like a projectile reaches the ends of the stages, THEY WILL GET STUCK.

Mugen Infantry Chatroom

Notes: My Very First Animated Stage, Enjoy. Cool

More to come when I feel like making more.


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My Mugen Stages
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